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Save time and money with added peace of mind when advertising legal notices in the UK and overseas

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Legal Notice Advertising

We offer a complete legal notice advertising service. Wherever your notices need to be published we have the contacts and experience to arrange for them to appear – quickly and cost effectively

Licensing notices

Premises Licence Applications / Variations, Marriage Licences, Gambling Act

Wills & Probate notices

Statutory notices under section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 – in the London Gazette and local newspapers

Insolvency notices

Statutory notices under the Insolvency Act and Rules in the UK and also for other jurisdictions

Why choose us?

· Cost – Our rates for advertising legal notices are very competitive
· Reliability – You can count on us to have a solution to your legal notice advertising needs – whatever and wherever you need to advertise it is likely that we will have dealt with similar requirements before.
· We’re fast - Legal notices have to be published within certain time restraints - we can meet the next available booking deadline whichever media is required.

Who we are

Our team have the knowledge, experience and contacts to arrange for a notice to be published anywhere. We set notices to the specifications of each publication, keeping the size and hence cost of each notice to a minimum.

What is the finished product?

Arranging for the notices to be published is only the first step. Once the legal notices have appeared we obtain a copy of the page in the publication and send it to you by email along with a Certificate of Insertion for your case file. If hard copies are required, we can send you these too.

Overseas notices

We have experience advertising legal notices all over the world.

Our philosophy

Outstanding customer service, great value for money and notices published accurately and on time with every order

Latest News

Keep up to date with all news and changes in legislation relating to legal notice advertising

The Insolvency (Scotland) (Company Voluntary Arrangement and Administration) Rules 2018 (the 2018 CVA and Admin Rules) and The Insolvency (Scotland) (Receivership and winding up) Rules 2018 (the 2018 Receivership and winding up Rules), (referred to jointly as the 2018 Rules) come into force on 6 April 2019.

Regional publisher Johnston Press is under new ownership after its bondholders agreed to wipe out £135m of the company’s debts in return for control of the business.
A newly-formed company, JPIMedia, has taken charge of the 251-year-old publisher in a “pre-packaged” sale after it was briefly placed in administration earlier today.

We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing an easy, quick and cost effective legal notice advertising service.
We have an experienced team who make sure that your adverts are placed in the right publications and fulfil your requirements. We will check that your notice complies with legislation. If you are unsure of where and how to place your advert, we are more than happy to help you and advise you.
We have the capabilities to provide our service internationally and to place your advert in any newspaper worldwide, even if you have multiple countries to cover. We always strive to provide the best options for you at the best prices.

Section 27 of Trustees Act 1925

“With a view to the conveyance to or distribution among the persons entitled to any real or personal property, the trustees of a settlement, trustees of land, trustees for sale of personal property or personal representatives …”
“may give notice by advertisement in the Gazette,”
“and in a newspaper circulating in the district in which the land is situated”


This is the London Gazette – we can arrange for your notice to be published in the London Gazette on the following day, and our rate is very competititve

Newspaper Circulating

We can help you select an appropriate local newspaper then arrange for the notice to be published therein. If the land was outside of the UK then we can recommend and appropriate overseas newspaper – and we have the contacts to arrange advertising overseas too.

Proof of publication

We will send you proof that the adverts have been published along with Certificates of Insertion

Will Trusts / Pension Schemes

We can also arrange advertising of notices under the Trustee Act for Will Trusts and Pension Schemes or any other form of trust – just send us the notice and tell us where it needs to be published and we will do the rest.

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We strive to deliver the most efficient and easy service to ensure customer satisfaction. We endeavour to provide the best options for you at the best prices.
Delivering advertisement services by collaborating with publishers around the world and UK

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